MovieBox IPA

Moviebox ipa is download for iphone and ipad-2018. This is a latest version of movie box app for ios packaged in to ipa by the developer.
An IPA is an archive file format like well known ZIP archive. This is the way to package applications for iOS. It is usually encrypted with Apple’s Fair Play DRM technology.
To know this version
Size: 20.6 MB
Version: 4.0.6
Support: iOS 7+
Download: 5 Million+
Moviebox collect many collection of movies and TV-shows for free.You can see the movie in online or you can download the movie on your devices.
It can be viewed or downloaded with any video quality as you wish as low, medium and high hd.
Moviebox can update new movie and Moviebox is the most trusted and ever lastingly loved app till date as it is preferred by so many online movies streaming users. The article will be very much useful to those who prefer using the Moviebox on the PC version. 

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